Privacy First Authentication

Log in to websites and apps with one account

Managing separate accounts for every service you use is tedious, and requires giving up identifying data like your email address.

Alias enables you to log in to supported services with a single account, without exposing your identity.

Authentication, not identification

Most authentication providers (e.g. Google Sign-In, Facebook Login) identify you to services. They give out your account ID, real name, email address, etc.

Alias authenticates that you're a user of the service without providing identifying information. If the service needs any more information about you it can ask you for it directly.

Designed to thwart data aggregators

Your data is big business. When it's sold by services (and auth providers), or lost in data breaches, it's collected by data aggregators. They try to link it all together to build a digital profile on you.

This linking process is made trivial when different data sets share unique IDs, like your email address and account IDs.

As Alias doesn't give out these unique IDs, it's much harder for data aggregators to identify which data is yours, limiting the profile they can build.

Stay updated without giving out your email address

Whether it's an alert, a problem with your account, or a product update, sometimes services need to contact you. They shouldn't need your email address to do it.

Alias includes purpose built support for these kinds of messages, without revealing your email address.

Designed to help you see what's important quickly, messages are short and simple. No pages of text, slow loading images, tracking pixels, or malicious attachments.

Full control over who can contact you

Services must explicitly ask for permission to message you, and can't pass on that permission to third parties. Different types of messages are grouped into channels, so you can choose which ones you're interested in.

Contact settings for all the services you're connected to are in one place for quick access. It's simple to change your channel selections, and connections can be removed at any time. No buried unsubscribe buttons or dark patterns getting in your way.

Newsletter subscriptions without the spam risk

Alias messages work just as well for newsletters as they do for apps and websites.

Alias product updates are sent out via Alias itself, so subscribe to keep up to date with new features, and see how Alias works first hand.

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No tracking or data mining

We collect as little data about you as possible - just enough to perform the service you signed up for. Anything that is no longer required is permanently deleted.

There are no tracking pixels, usage logs, or ads (targeted or otherwise). We don't have an advertising network or "like" buttons following you around the internet.

No data is provided to any third party other than what you explicitly approve when connecting to a service.

Built with modern web security standards

Alias implements the OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect specifications to securely authenticate you to services and give you control over their permissions (e.g. whether they can contact you).

All communication with Alias is secured with HTTPS, and strict security settings are used to protect against a wide range of attacks.

Create an account, and look for Alias as an option when signing up or logging in to services.

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Up and Shh are two simple services that use Alias. Try them out to get a feel for how it works.

Shh allows you to share secrets via expiring one-time links. It uses Alias for login.

Up notifies you when a link is back up. It uses Alias for login and to send notifications.

You can also subscribe to Alias product updates using Alias itself.